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The hotels in the Tatras are rested, the obľúbite and you will be with us and regularly return. The staff is very friendly, helpful and friendly, high-quality equiped, excellent jedlo, hints and tips for trips, Stráženie Deti and in the nelastnom rade Divine Massage, purchases will put you on your feet again! Pomôžu aVám Improve your vzhľad Vnútorne AJ Navonok!
If you have not decided to do so, do not hesitate to book a meeting with Nami, the manager of the hotels in the Tatras will advise you and willing to advise. We will answer all your questions. You have already decided to book a ticket online on our website www. Hotcz. Czor by phone.
Ako SA to get to us?
On our website you can learn about the Allied train, bus or the Autom route. Wellness Šumava is Najlepšia a holiday of all sorts, from the tiny to Dôchodcov, nezabúdame or handicapped citizens! The Hotel has a capacity of 60 osôb, so you do not have to have the preplnenosti. You can park your vehicle at the Hoteli Priamo. Choose a luxury holiday with us!