In our offer you can find, among others, off-road diesel platforms

Your company needs new equipment?

Your company needs new equipment? Have you been working with the old one for years and are gradually discovering that some machines no longer conform to any regulations or regulations on occupational safety or age of the machine? Is it also about plateaus? Then you should get some new ones.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that what suits us fully and we are with that spokjeni, does not suit officials or simply those who invent the decree. Yes, it is, most often, not knowing what the operation of such a machine is actually about, but the regulations will write. Then buy the suitable platforms.

If we want to have something simpler and easier, we would have to look for a very long-lived, where we can see it. But it's a little good for all the bad guys. So let's try to find such positives and buy new platforms, with which you get together as well as the original ones.