Honzík and his big day

Honzík enjoyed his feast. He was full of expectations of the gift this year. You might say that she's only a feast, so you can't wait for a big gift. But the opposite was true. This is not solved in this family. Gifts are dealt as needed, or as you wish. Honzík was preparing for his first concentration and packing his stuff. The celebration was scheduled to take place before its exit. He got his dream clothing silvini and today he is a famous cyclist.
The shop that damn came out
Aleš concentrated on his idea of youth. Open a sporting goods store. He rode on his bike, liked to swim, and downhill and cross-country skis were also his own. In fact, he was not afraid of any sport, so his choice was completely awaited and obvious. When his dream came to him at the age of thirty, he knew exactly how his trade should be large and what assortment should be fulfilled. He sold clothing from Silvini and very quickly gained a lot of regular customers.